How To Indentify High Blood Pressure

How To Indentify High Blood Pressure

In current time high blood pressure or hypertension is well known to all of us. Usually we see many people around us to take medicines for hypertension. This disease usually occurs in elderly people and slightly more in male. But now a days this can be seen in ages as low as 20 or 30 years. There are many reasons of high blood pressure. Today we will discuss about the most common variety called as essential hypertension. Usually in this type no reason can be find out.

At the outset let us know what blood pressure is?

While flowing in arteries the blood exerts pressure on its walls, this is called blood pressure. It varies during whole day depending upon our working status and body toning. But if due to any reason it remains high for an extended period of time then it is called as high blood pressure or hypertension.

To begin with there are no symptoms of high blood pressure and this diseases is identified during routine checkup. Because of this reason many times this disease is identified late and by the time damage has occurred.

Because of the same reasons this diseases is called as “silent killer”.

If by repeated measurement your blood pressure is more than 130/80, than this needs some form of treatment. Either in the form of medication or lifestyle modification or both.

IF you have any of the following than ensure your blood pressure is checked regularly.

  • Habit of frequently eating fried items
  • Eating food with high amount of oils, fats, salt etc
  • Smoking
  • Taking alcohol
  • Sedentary patter of working/ lifestyle
  • Any close family member with hypertension
  • Age more than 65 Years
  • Having diabetes
  • Having any kidney diseases

Dr.A.Ramachandran’s Diabetes Risk Score for Indians can be used to identify people having undected diabetes. The likelihood of detecting diabetes in people with a score of 21 or more is high and require testing with an oral glucose tolerance test.

Above mentioned conditions promotes for having diseases of hypertension. If on measuring you have high blood pressure, then get it treated for sure. And if there is no high blood pressure than change your lifestyle. So that chances of getting blood pressure is diminished.

This disease is called “silent killer” because many times there are no specific symptom, so that it can be identified. Because of this reason it is advised to get your blood pressure checked frequently.

Now question arises what should be frequency?

Blood pressure screening should occur every two years in people with blood pressures less than 120/80 mm Hg, and every year for people with systolic blood pressure 120 mm Hg to 139 mm Hg, or diastolic blood pressure 80 mm Hg to 89 mm Hg.

Symptoms are like morning headache, any deficiency in vision or listening, irregular heart rate, occasional bleeding from nose. When it is excessive then nausea, vomiting, palpitations, anxiety, aches and pains in body are also added as symptoms.

If you do not get your blood pressure measured then it certifies its name of silent killer. Thus creates many life threatening conditions, which may cause death. To name few are heart attack, brain stroke, heart failure, kidney damage etc

So the message is that, carefully observe your lifestyle. If you have something which can cause hypertension, than try to rectify it. And lead a healthy life.

Following are lifestyle modifications which can have positive impact –

  • Keep your body weight in range. Check to have normal body mass index. Keep it between 18.5 to 24.9
  • Adopt DASH diet; it is specially designed for persons with high blood pressure.
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